Level III Booth: SC Super Cyclone

Sun Capsule Super Cyclone Level III Tanning Booth

  • 50-200 watt VHR high performance tanning lamps
  • Patented 5.5 sided design brings lamps closer, improving performance
  • Floor to ceiling lamps provide great lower leg tanning performance
  • Powerful ventilation system provides sweat-free experience
  • Adjustable stereo speaker system
  • 8 minute max tan time
Additional Information

The Sun Capsule Super Cyclone is often referred to as the work-horse of the tanning industry due to its continued popularity and ability to deliver consistent, even results. With floor to ceiling coverage the Super Cyclone ensures that clients will receive color radiant, all-over color including on hard to tan areas such as the lower legs. The powerful ceiling ventilation system ensures a sweat-free, comfortable environment. With a max tan time of only 8 minutes, many clients find the Super Cyclone the perfect fit for their busy schedules.

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